Jim and Linda Alsup
Terri (Burke) Bagwell
Berkie Bevans
Mike and Anna Bible
Ray and Doris Bintrim
Don† and Betty Brown
Tina and Bob Brownlie
Ron and Betty Burlin
Anthony and Pat Cammarata
Kathy and Paul Casey
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Margaret Chrest-Seymour
John and Kathryn Clark
Paulette and Bobby Click
Jack Coughlin
Kitty Cromwell
Kate and Mike Clutter
†Aubrey and Mary Barbara Dagliano
Robert and Theodora Di Stefano
Maria and Joseph Dodge
Greg and Mary (Reinhardt) Dohmeier
John and Kathryn Donnelly
Rhonda Dunmire
Lee and Sharon Eager
Laura (Smith) Ensey
J. Gordon Erberts†
Christina Everard
Sr. Mary Fitzgerald
Don and Kathy (Moore) Fox*
Lloyd Geigley and Lorna Wingate
Amy Giffin
Bill and Karen Giffin
Peter and Candice Giffin

Lisa and Fred Gleason
Dean Goings
Geoffrey Goodnow
Tom and Ann Golueke
Anandarup and Esha Gupta
Robert and Rebecca Hankey
Jim and Cecilia Hawkins
May Henning†
Jean Frances Hill
John and Bridget (Ward) Horner
Joseph and Maxine Ingolia
Tom and Deborah Kavanagh
Aileen Kimel
Terrence and Margaret Kirch
Bob and Valerie Kuzniarski
John and Mary Langan
Dennis Leahey
Bernie and Marguerite Lesky
Enriquito and Mary Lu
Ed and Sally Lynch
Rick and Jill Marston
Dave and Anne (Moore) Mayers
David and Raquel Maynes
Mac and Vicky (Moore) McElroy
Rosemary McLean
Alice (Back) Miller
Nick and Dolores Mills
Frank and Norma Molchany
Chris Moore
Dan and Annette Moore*
Jane Moore*
Sr. Mary Moran
Ralph and Bonnie Moscynski

Tim and Mary Mullan*
Ken Muller
Russ and Ethel Muter
Ron and Barbara Myers
Joe and Julie Nemetz
Tom and Susan Nemetz
†Don and Eileen Olert
Jim O’Neill
Jeanne (McDonough) Oswald
Bob and Linda Pevarnik
Ann Shannon Pleines
Sue Raley
Shubha Roy
Jean Seabrooks
Richard and Sheila (Ward) Siebert
Msgr. Alfred Smith
Anne Smith
Allyson (Grant) Solomon
Mike and Tracy Starks*
Kim Stewart
Michael and Anna Maria Storey
St. Joseph Catholic Church parishioners
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Hagerstown
Ellen Torres
Jo Trueschler
Bob and Dolores Vidoni
Jack and Judy Weber
Barry and Pat Webster
Tim and Bernie Webster
Harry and Eileen Webster
Joan Worthington
Rita Zungailia

* – SCHOLAR donor (donor annually supports a full scholarship)

† – deceased