The Scholarship

The Clare and Robert Moore Scholarship Fund offers a yearly $1,000 scholarship to a student who is majoring in English and attending the Notre Dame of Maryland University. The scholarship is open to both current full-time students and incoming first-year students at the Women’s College at Notre Dame. Applicants must currently be English majors or be planning to major in English.

Notre Dame’s English program boasts a strong writing curriculum, with the option for students to design a program emphasizing writing or literature. The program also offers concentrations in creative nonfiction writing and drama.

About Clare and Robert Moore

Clare Moore was a lifelong teacher of English, Drama and Speech at various Maryland schools. She and her husband Robert strongly supported higher education, regarding it as a means not only of maximizing an individual’s potential but also as the catalyst for fostering a desire to contribute to the community and to the wider world.

Together, they raised seven well-educated children, each pursuing various fields of study while actively contributing to his or her chosen profession and respective community.

In honor of their parents’ memory and devotion to education and language, these descendants established this scholarship fund for a student attending Notre Dame, Clare’s alma mater.